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  • Golf Swing Wrist LagTrainer

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    Practicing and not seeing results? The GoodGuide golf training aid helps you achieve greater distance and accuracy. The GoodGuide encourages proper wrist cock, improves swing plane, tempo, clubface alignment, and impact position.

    On the backswing, the GoodGuide is an indicator of when the wrists hinge and always shows the relationship between the hands, leading arm and clubface. Typically, the GoodGuide will come into contact right as the player reaches the top of the backswing. It will be a good reference to see if you are over swinging or lifting the club rather than getting a good body and shoulder turn.

    The top of the backswing is the signature move of the GoodGuide. You will feel being loaded and on plane; ready to drop and shift into the downswing.

    On the downswing, the wrists are in a powerful lag position without leaking power caused by casting or throwing the hands away from the body. At the same time, GoodGuide will help put the face of the club squarely on the ball.

    The GoodGuide straightforward design and practical application have made it one of the bestselling training aids.

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